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Colleen & Chris, September 26th, 2009

Okay I must say that this was a really cute wedding! Colleen and Chris are so cute together. Not only does the color scheme match my website but the story of how these 2 met made me all warm and fuzzy inside. The story goes like this:

They met through Match.com and went on a couple of dates. Colleen liked him but she wasn’t 100% sure. Chris knew that Colleen worked in the field of Environmental Conservation, so he asked her opinion on which charities were the best ones to donate to. She gave him a few, and the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, a sea turtle conservation group, was one of them. Chris contacted Colleen and told her that he had a gift for her. No only did he donate some money to the CCC, but he had “adopted” a sea turtle that had been radio tagged and she could track it’s movements online and see how far it traveled. Well – that had won over Colleen in a big way! When they started planning their wedding – they remembered the sea turtle and decided to use endangered species as a theme for their wedding. They had the sweatheart table as the “Sea Turtle” table of course! And they gave out chocolate bars with labels of different endangered species animals printed on them. Colleen made origami sea turtles as place cards and also gave sea turtle cufflinks to him as a gift. She didn’t make the connection until afterwards – but her adopted sea turtle traveled all the way across the atlantic ocean to Spain – where she and Chris later spent their honeymoon!! What an amazing and cute story! Both Missy and I were there that day and we had such a great time. They actually had a lot of rain on their wedding day – which is a good luck sign! We managed to get some amazing shots even though the weather wasn’t on our side!

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