Custom Albums with Layouts

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Want to order a large custom Album?

Here are a few steps to help you get started!

Decide on your budget for an album. If you want a 12 x 12 inch or 10 x 14 Large album with about 80 images in it – your cost on average will be @ $1400.00. Fabric covers with a small image, and more than 1 material are going to add to the cost. Full photo covers are a bit less than the fabric covers.

A 10 x 10 inch album with about 80 images in it will run you about $1250.00, depending on the cover, fabric or full photo.

Smaller albums will be a bit less.

1. Pick out about 100 images that you like, don’t worry if you go over 100, just go with your gut and pick the images that speak to you. Put them into a folder on labeled “Album”. Let me know when you are done. I will go in there and look at your choices, and can weed down to to the final cut of about 80 – 85 images.

2. Decide on a layout – you can do either square or vertical. Square albums require me to crop your image if you want a full page image, so keep that in mind.

3. Think about what image you would like for your cover. Some images work and some don’t – I can help you decide which ones work best. Do you want your names on the cover? I can do names and/or date of wedding if you like. I  can use a modern font – or a traditional/script like font. You can see the pictures of my albums for examples of font choices. If you have a particular font in mind – let me know what it is.

After I have the go ahead with your image choices, I will design the inside of your album with custom layouts. I go in order of your day and sometimes use images as backgrounds, etc.

Average time for me to design your layout is 1 – 2 months. As soon as I am done I will send you a PDF to review it. If you would like to make any changes let me know and I can make the changes and send you out a revised layout. I will also send you out a mockup of what the cover will look like.

As soon as you approve the layout, I will need a check for 50% to start any album order. Albums are non refundable after you give me a deposit and I order. All my albums are custom products that cannot be cancelled.  Average time from order is about 2 months. I will try to keep you updated as far as status of your order. Please feel free to check in anytime! I know you are anxiously awaiting your album! Your second payment of 50% is due before I ship your album out to you. You can also swing by and pick it up at my home office in Bowie if you like.

Below are some examples of Albums, 1 with a fabric cover, 1 with a photo cover. I have many cool fabrics to choose from!



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