Save the Dates

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So you’ve done an engagement session you are interested in doing some Save the Dates… I have some cute options for you! All my save the dates are custom – everyone is different so I only do custom designed save the dates.

I offer 2 basic kinds:

A folding card that is 5 x 5 square – this can include up to 5 images. Sometimes I will use less depending on the design.   These are $250 for 75 cards, $50 for every additional 25 cards. Below is the front and back of the card, the next image is the inside of the card.

BackFrontInside Spread3


I can also do a postcard that is 3.5 x 5 – this can include up to @ 3 images depending on the design. There can be images on both sides.

$175.00 for 75 cards, $45 for every additional 25 cards.

Below are some examples of postcards.

Kayla + Ryan Save the date0210


I can do custom sized postcards as well. If you have an idea of something you like – send me a picture and I can create something similar.

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